New DELADAP Official Channel on Youtube

The groove, the beat, this is DELADAP..
This is their official YouTube channel featuring all the music videos as well as audio visuals, documentaries and various other treats. DELADAP see and handle themselves as a popband, joyfully willing to entertain and touch on the mainstream with intact musical ambitions. DELADAP works in many settings – radio sure being one of them – while holding on to the common thread that runs through their music:
Life is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Dancing is beautiful.


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DELADAP single I DO feat. Melinda Stoika out now on iTunes!

DELADAP waste no time and head full on into the year 2015 with their strongest and most accesible single to date, a truly awesome track. „I Do“ is a perfect slice of producer´s Stani Vana´s musical wizardry and sees singer Melinda Stoika surrender to the sweet temptations of the dancefloor and nightlife, kindly asking – seducing? – us along to join her.
Fired up by a ****-hot and perfectly balanced track, envisioned by Stani Vana, the musical mastermind of all things DelaDap. „I Do“ takes their inspired mix of eastern european roots music and cutting edge urban club/dj-culture to another level, arranged and played with the confidence and musical power of the well-oiled live-machine DELADAP are.
There won´t be much rest for DelaDap in the months to come, but that´s just how they want it! Which leaves just one question to ask – how do You do „I Do“?

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This Is DELADAP - Album

Our new album was released on March 14th 2014,

This Is DelaDap album player:

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Without talking down on their former relases it ́s easily their most complete, fully realised album yet, it ́s ten new songs rich with catchy refrains and irresistible rhythms, at the same time full of subtle details and suprising sonic joys. Which is just about right, as „This Is DelaDap“ also serves as a celebration of DelaDap ́s 10th anniversary.

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