A brandnew DELADAP single Sky Rocket out now on iTunes!

„Walking barefoot in (the) grass
dancing naked in the sunset
laughing when I´m sad
I´m a Sky Rocket tonight ..."

DELADAP come forth with their brandnew single „Sky Rocket“, buzzing with the life-affirming energy and swinging beat(s) that made their live-performances 2014 – celebrating their 10th anniversary – such a special treat for audiences all over.

A real gem of a track, reminiscent of the golden age of disco songs you could hum along and dance to, it plays to the strengths and personality of Yola B., DELADAP´s singer.
Three-minutes of uplifting dance-pop bliss!

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DELADAP are nominated for AMADEUS - Austrian Music Awards

We are glad to announce that DELADAP are nominated for
AMADEUS - Austrian Music Awards 2015.

Check it out and vote: http://voting.amadeusawards.at/voting

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This Is DELADAP - Album

Our new album was released on March 14th 2014,

This Is DelaDap album player: http://www.deladap.com/new-album

you can order "This Is DelaDap"
in our Shop: http://www.deladap.com/shop/this-is-deladap
on Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/This-Is-Deladap/
or on iTunes:http://itunes.apple.com/at/album/this-is-deladap

Without talking down on their former relases it ́s easily their most complete, fully realised album yet, it ́s ten new songs rich with catchy refrains and irresistible rhythms, at the same time full of subtle details and suprising sonic joys. Which is just about right, as „This Is DelaDap“ also serves as a celebration of DelaDap ́s 10th anniversary.

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